10 Most Important feature of Bing AI Chat

After using Bing AI  Chat feature, I believe that it will revolutionize web navigation forever. It is revolutionary and will change the way how we browse and consume information. 

As more people will rely on conversations with BingAI than browsing sites anymore. We can expect there would be a massive drop in traffic for individual sites in the upcoming months. 

I personally impressed with two features of Bing AI. It’s the ability to summarize the article without leaving, and also the ability to generate an article based on the response. 

How it is different from regular search engine 

  • Instead of giving search results with relevant links, the new Bing would summarize and consolidates reliable sources across the web 
  • Previously we use to search with text, with the new bing you could able to talk and text with search 
  • In the new bing, you can ask follow-up questions to the initial search to get personalized replies. 

10 Features You Should Try in Bing 

Search the web for results 

Bing Chat let you search web results for you with the citation and source of the website where it pulling from. Here is an example. 

Bing Feature

Summarize Link 

You can summarize any article by sending a link to Bing Chat. It will give you a short concise summary. 

Bing Feature

Conversation Assitant 

Bing AI also acts as a conversation assistant. You can also have a conversation and it will respond to you in a more human way.  Here is an example.

Bing Feature

Bing Feature

Send you the actual information, the correct link

Asking about the latest article about ChatGPT to BingChat. It shares the detailed response sourcing it from the different articles and stitching it together in a readable format.

You can see, Bing Chat is attaching a link to the respective source. 

Bing Feature

Performing Multiple Search in a Single Query 

This is one of the killer features of Bing Chat. You can ask for multiple responses based on the provided response from Bing AI. Performing multiple searches is truly disruptive and it clearly shows how the search engine is going to evolve further.

Bing Feature

Play an Adventure Game. 

You can play adventure games on ChatGPT, you can also do the same here in Bing AI search. Below is an example where users on Reddit play an adventure game with Bing AI. 

Bing Feature

Generate Content such as Poems, Stories, codes, Essays, Songs, Celebrity Parodies, and More.

Bing limits certain features like writing emails for you. But Bing AI can help you with finding information or generating content such as poems, stories, code, essays, celebrity parodies, and more.

Bing Feature

Write Essay 

Similar to ChatGPT, BingAI could able to write articles for you. One of the problems with ChatGPT is that you could ask it to write content, but we need to perform research and include references and quotes. 

Here a Reddit user performs a search on bing AI, summarizes the source, and asks Bing AI to write a detailed article from the Summarized article 

  1. Find 5 Studies about aerobic exercise conducted in the last 5 years. Here is the response 

Bing Feature

        2.  Here he asked about “Summarize study number 3” Here is the response 


Bing Feature

        3. “In the style of a certified personal trainer, write a 150-word article with information about aerobic exercise including a reference to study number 3” Here is the response 

Bing Feature

It clearly shows you can search, summarize and write articles faster than ever before. It is a 10x improvement in productivity than the previous way of researching and writing an article. 

Can’t perform more than 3 searches in a single message. 

By asking BingAI, what is the knowledge cut-off date? As they rely on ChatGPT, their knowledge, and information at some point in the year 2021, and could be inaccurate or lossy. Here is the response of Bing AI, where it clearly mentions that it uses Bing Search API to perform web searches and it can perform up to 3 searches in a single conversation. 


Coding Problem 

With BingAI, you can also ask about coding problems and challenges. It will give you the most appropriate answers with citations and sources at the end. The results are more detailed answers than ChatGPT. It gives sources and it will be very useful for learning things. 

Bing Feature


  • Currently, you can’t be able to see your past conversation and each message is limited to 2000 characters whereas ChatGPT is 15K characters. 
  • BingAI won’t able to write a mail for you. They are not performing certain operations, and hope they won’t restrict certain useful features. 

Does BingAI have Bias?

There is raising controversy and issues with Chat GPT as their AI is too left-leaning. But BingAI internally depends on ChatGPT for the responses they may too have biases for the response. We are hoping that it would resolve in the future.

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