5 Best DALL.E 2 Alternatives

Dalle 2 Alternative

DALL.E 2 is the one of most popular text-to-image software. It is developed by OpenAI, the company that created GPT-3. 

Currently, DALL.E can be accessed by a few people and it is an invite-only program. If you are not invited to use DALL.E you can check out their alternative. 

If you are looking for Opensource then you can check out Disco Diffusion. If you are looking for a great community then MidJourney would be the right choice. 

We have curated the best alternative for DALL.E 2. Here is the list 

  1. MidJourney
  2. Stable Diffusion
  3. Disco Diffusion 
  4. Craiyon
  5. Imagen



MidJourney is an AI text-to-image converter that was created by a research lab called Mid journey. Midjourney is available to everyone. Anyone with discord can able to use MidJourney for free. 

MidJourney has a built-in search engine that helps us to search for some of the best  MidJourney image creations by other users. It is one of the best sharing and inspiration platforms. The image created by MidJourney is quite realistic. 

Stable Diffusion


Stable Diffusion is an advanced AI text-to-image synthesis algorithm that generated images based on the text prompt. Stable Diffusion is quite good at generating faces. It is also good at generating realistic 3D scenes. 

Stable Diffusion was created by researchers employed or sponsored by Stability AI. 

Stable Diffusion is free to generate up to 5 artworks per day. 

Disco Diffusion

Disco Diffusion is free open-source software (FOSS) that can be used to convert text to images using a text prompt. It is software created using python and meant to be run in a Google Colab notebook. 

It is free and mostly used via Google Collab. You can generate both images as well as animations. 

Disco Diffusion is not user-friendly and it is more focused on being developer-friendly. 



Craiyon, formerly DALL.E mini, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. It is completely free and they are supported by ads. The quality of the image generated by Craiyon is not as good as DALL.E 2. If you are looking for a free solution then check out Craiyon. 



Google’s Imagen is a text-to-image diffusion model that converts text into high-quality images. Google believes that the image created by Imagen has outperformed other competitors. Still, Imagen has not been released to the public. 


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