Best Cardano NFT Marketplaces

Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain platform and it provides unparallel security to dApps. Cardano is the most environmentally friendly blockchain protocol on a global scale without compromising security. Cardano marketplace value has been ever-rising and it is called to be one of the Ethereum killers. 

Cardano impacts on NFT are also crucial and a lot of NFT projects are built and mint on the top of the Cardano. NFT is nothing but the digital identity stored on the blockchain. Cardano NFT has less gas fee compared with Ethereum NFTs. 

Every day a lot of NFT projects are announced and listed on the Cardano blockchain. More than 15 million tokens have been generated on the Cardano blockchain and 90% are on NFT’s.

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Cardano NFT Ecosystem is still in a nascent stage and it is continuously growing every day. If you are in Cardano NFT’s we have curated the best Cardanao Marketplace where you can Create, Sell, and Mint NFT’s. 

Here we have curated the best and biggest Cardano NFT Marketplace. Our ranking is based on the quality project, community, transaction fee, and list of all Cardano wallets supported by Ada Marketplace. Here is the list of the best ada nft marketplace.

  1. CNFT
  2. Galaxy of Art
  4. Tokhun


Cardano Marketplace

CNFT is the first NFT marketplace launched in July 2021. The CNFT quits lack a lot of features when compared with other NFT marketplace and they are kept on adding new features and improving the overall experience so that we can more mature Marketplace from CNFT. 

CNFT currently supports almost all Cardano wallets from ccvault, namiwallet, daedaluswallet, adalite. 

CNFT still working on its Minting feature and hopes they will realize it much earlier than expected.

CNFT has a list of all successful and famous Cardano NFT Projects ranging from Boss Car Rocket Club, Pavia, SpaceBudz, and Artifact Moon. CNFT is the highest trending volume when compared with all other Cardano marketplace right now.


Galaxy of Art is the largest NFT Marketplace for Cardano. In Galaxy of Art, you can sell and buy rare digital items and crypto-collectibles based on NFT’s. 

Creators can able to sell, buy, hold, auction and mint NFT via Galaxy of Art Marketplace. They are supporting showoff their NFT’s and creating social interaction for their followers. 

Currently, they are supporting any external wallet. 

Galaxy of Art does not charge any fees for the minting but there will Cardano fee for every successful transaction.

Best Cardano NFT Marketplace

JPG store is the Cardano NFT Marketplace to buy and sell NFTs using smart contracts. Their mission is to support the artist, creators, and communities that are advancing the Cardano ecosystem.

Every transaction in has a tiny fee and they won’t charge it for the failed transactions. 2% Service fee during sale and transaction fee 1.88 ADA when you list.

Currently, the supported wallets are Nami and CCVault. They are planning to support more wallets in the future.


Tokhun is an NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain where creators, businesses, collectors, artists can mint, buy, sell, and manage their NFT’s.

They also support a fully automated auction system with anti-snipe capabilities. All artists and collectors can able to have NFT assets through their own personal page. 

Tokhun supports royalty payment after each sale via sale royalties on-chain and they support rich media like video, audio, 3D model, etc.  

Tokhun has a pricing system of 2ADA per single unique NFT and they charge 2.5% or 2.00 ADA Sales commission ( which is every higher ).

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How to buy Cardano NFT?

To buy NFT using Cardano. You have to visit one of the Cardano blockchain-supported NFT marketplaces. You can also buy Cardano NFT on multi-chain marketplaces and it is much better to look on Cardano Specific Marketplace.

Where to Sell Cardano NFT?

To sell your Cardano NFT, You have to mint your NFT on a Cardano-supported marketplace. After successfully minting and listing it on the marketplace, buyers can buy and bid on your NFT’s.

Does Cardano support NFT ?

Yes, Cardano supports NFT. There is a list of Cardano Supported  NFT marketplaces where you can buy, sell and mint NFT’s. If you just getting started you can check out the best Cardano NFT Projects.

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