Midjourney Text Weight Explained

Midjourney Text Weight

If you are new to Midjourney, you might be intimidated by the numbers in the other users’ prompts that appear on the Midjourney Discord server. Some of you might know that those numbers are called weights but do not know what they are used for. In this article, you will learn how to use Midjourney … Read more

Midjourney Negative Prompt

Midjourney Negative Prompt

Most of the Midjourney users must be having a good time while playing with it. But some of them will find it hard to get the image according to their requirement. It is because of the less understanding of Midjourney parameters. Negative prompt in Midjourney is a prompting technique that allows you to get rid … Read more

50 Best Stable Diffusion Tattoo Prompts

Best Stable Diffusion Tattoo Prompt

Just like GPT-3 empowered copy writers and content writers, Stable Diffusion empowers artists as well as ordinary people. Stable Diffusion, the text-to-image generative AI, can generate anime, architecture design, photorealistic images, etc. This list also includes tattoo design. Users who know prompt engineering can easily command Stable Diffusion to generate tattoo designs. If you are … Read more

50 Best Midjourney Anime Prompts

Best Midjourney Anime Prompts

Midjourney, the popular text-to-image generative AI model, has the capability to generate realistic animation within just a few seconds. Anyone who knows how to prompt can seamlessly generate animes with Midjourney. A prompt is an input for generative AI models and it can be a text description or an image accompanied by a text description. … Read more

What is ChatGPT and How to Use It: A Comprehensive Guide to Get Started

How to use ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is another large language model that is released by OpenAI. The firm OpenAI is well-known for its GPT models and DALL.E 2, a text-to-image AI. ChatGPT is a fine-tuned large language model that is fine-tuned to function as a chatbot. It is capable of answering your queries seamlessly. Unlike the other … Read more

Midjourney Aspect Ratio Prompts

Midjourney Aspect Ratio Prompts

What is –ar or –aspect in Midjourney? –ar or –aspect in Midjourney is a command that is used to set the size of the images generated. It is usually embedded at the end of the prompt.  By default, Midjourney generates images in a 1:1 ratio. However, you can set your desired aspect ratio, such as … Read more