How to Use Stable Diffusion for Free

After the popularity of Open AI’s DALL.E 2 and Midjourney AI, the next on the list is the Stable Diffusion public release. Unlike, other AI text-to-image models, you can use Stable Diffusion on your PC. However, it requires a basic knowledge of Git and Miniconda3 installation. Also, a system requirement 3xxx series NVIDIA GPU with … Read more

List of Banned Words in Midjourney Discord

Midjourney AI is an art generator that was created by a research lab called Midjourney. It creates art from text-to-image prompts using a dataset of text-image pairs. Anyone with a Discord account can use Midjourney for free.  All you need is a Discord account and a list of text-to-image prompts. Instead of preparing the text prompts … Read more

75 Text-to-Image Prompts for AI Art Generator Midjourney: A Visual Treat Inside

Midjourney is an AI art generator that generate art from texts in seconds, similar to DALL.E. Both neural networks are trained with billions of parameters to generate realistic images from prompts. It is clear that to generate art, these AI art generators need input in the form of prompts. Since the release of AI art … Read more

How to Use Midjourney AI for Free

Since the inception of Open AI, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, influencing its presence in many fields.   For example, the influence of GPT-3 in content creation, website building, and customer support. The next field on that list is art. And the artists are none other than Open AI’s DALL.E and Midjourney Labs’ Midjourney. … Read more