4 Free Prompt Generators for DALL.E 2

DALL.E 2 is one of the famous generative AI models developed and released by OpenAI. It takes a text description, known as a “prompt,” as input and generates the artwork in 60 seconds.

All the generative models have enormous potential that can be leveraged in many fields, such as illustration, architectural design, gaming asset design, sticker design, and stock photography. To tap into that potential, you need to know how to write good prompts. A good prompt should include jargon relevant to certain fields and follow some etiquette.

To be a good prompter, you must be good at creative thinking and the English language. It is also important to have knowledge of the field you would like to create art.

But is there any shortcut to hook up with the attractive generative model DALL.E 2?

Yes, there is. In this article, you will learn to create artwork in DALL.E 2 without writing prompts.

Free Prompt Generators for DALL.E 2

  1. promptoMANIA
  2. Phraser.tech
  3. GPT-3
  4. DrawingPrompt.com


DALL.E 2 Prompt Generatora dog, by Albert Bierstadt, Signage, Underdimensional, Global illumination

I could say promptoMANIA is the OG of all free prompt generators. It is a free project coded and designed by Peter W. Szabo. It is not affiliated with Midjourney, Stability.ai, or OpenAI.

promptoMANIA is a highly interactive platform that makes prompting easy. All you have to do is enter a subject like a “beautiful flower” or “a dog”.

Then, you can select an art medium, camera angle, color, dimension, display, geometry, intangibles, lighting, material, and more. Each of these attributes has a slew of jargon inside.

One of the easiest and most powerful techniques in prompting is including the artists’ names. To do this, you need to know the list of artists supported by DALL.E 2. But if you are using promptoMANIA, you are just a click away from adding any of the artists around the world without any prior knowledge.


The topmost attractive thing about promptoMANIA is its user interface (UI). Anyone can use it to the fullest extent.

promptoMANIA is not only for DALL.E 2, it is also for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, CF Spark, Disco Diffusion, NightCafe, wombo.art, Craiyon, and other diffusion models.


DALL.E 2 prompt generatormulticolor sketch made of icecream texture of a glittering fish looking over the window by ray caesar in 4k ultra high resolution, with feeling of love

Phraser is another free-to-use prompt generator that assists its users in creating prompts. It has the same interactive user interface (UI) as promptoMANIA but in a more organized manner.

Phraser wants you to enter a one-line description. Next, you can add jargon from various attributes, such as style, color, texture, resolution, camera settings, feeling, and era, just by simply clicking.

Phraser also has a feature of infusing the artist’s names into the prompt.

Phraser prompt generator

Phraser is not only a space for prompt creation but also for collaboration and inspiration for artwork.

Apart from DALL.E 2, Phraser also supports Midjourney and Stable Diffusion generative models.


GPT-3 X DALL.E 2The mountains were so high that they seemed to touch the sky. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with beautiful colors. I had never seen anything like it before

Unlike other free prompt generators, GPT-3 itself is a generative model like DALL.E 2, but for text.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive text generation model developed by OpenAI. It is the successor of GPT-2.

The GPT-3 model takes an initial input text and generates sentences that continue and complete it. Hence, it is possible to create prompts using GPT-3.

To use GPT-3, you need to go to OpenAI’s Playground and sign up either using your Gmail account or Microsoft account.

To start with, you need to give an initial input, which could be a brief description. For example,  I saw an amazing landscape on my trip to the Himalayas.

GPT-3 prompt generator

Then, hit “Submit” and witness how GPT-3 completes the sentence for you. This is how you can create prompts using GPT-3. In case the result fails to meet your expectations, feel free to hit the “Submit” button again.

GPT-3 Output for my input text: The mountains were so high that they seemed to touch the sky. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with beautiful colors. I had never seen anything like it before. 

If you want to see more examples of prompt generation using GPT-3, read this article.

Unlike other prompt generators, GPT-3 Playground is not always free-to-use. But it comes with a free trial worth $18 USD. In most cases, the free trial is enough for prompt generations.


DALL.E 2 prompt generatorA minotaur, combining a gigantic man with the head of a bull. They are brutish, used to terrorizing the unlucky souls left in their lairs

DrawingPrompt.com is not a prompt generator that is exclusively dedicated to AI art generators. But, you can still leverage this site to create prompts for DALL.E 2.

To use the DrawingPrompt.com site, you need to simply click the “Create New Prompt” button. You can try hitting the button again if the concept does not appeal to you.

Otherwise, you can scroll through the different types of categories that DrawingPrompt.com has and select one.

Unlike promptoMANIA and Phraser, it doesn’t have an interactive user interface (UI).


If you are feeling stuck or you want to go wild with DALL.E 2 AI art generator, you can try out these free prompt generators.

Otherwise, you can steal prompt ideas from other artists or use the reverse prompt look-up technique to make your prompting more interesting.

Besides these prompt generators, use PromptBase, a marketplace for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL·E 2, and GPT-3 prompts. But it is not free to use.

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