List of Artists Supported by DALL.E 2

DALL.E 2, the text-to-image generative AI has trained on millions of labeled images to produce the user-required artwork. In order to get the most out of DALL.E 2, you must know how to query it.

Querying of DALL.E 2 or other generative AI models is known as prompting, which is a series of words written in human language.

To write a good prompt, you need to insert multiple modifiers. But, alternatively, you can bring out more from DALL.E 2 just by mentioning the artist’s names. To do so, you need to know the artist’s names that DALL.E 2 supports.

Unlike Stable Diffusion, DALL.E 2 has not revealed its complete training dataset. Hence, it is hard to know the artist’s style that DALL.E 2 is aware of. However, there are many successful AI artists out there on Twitter, Instagram, Lexica, and OpenArt are experimenting with artists’ names and styles on DALL.E 2.

In this article, I have curated the list of tested artists along with the style/ field they are famous for. However, this is not the official list released by DALL.E 2.

Why Is It Important to Know Artist Names?

To write the best prompts, it is important to know the artist’s names and/ or art styles over other art jargon. Just by mentioning the artists’ names, you can bring their color palettes, styles, art medium, patterns, etc.

An example prompt that leverages the artist name: GTA vice city in the style of Vincent van Gogh

artist name in prompt

The technique of inserting the artist’s names and/ or art styles facilitates the process of prompting.

Check out: List of artists supported by Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

List of Artists Supported by DALL.E 2

Illustrators and Painters

  1. Alan Moore,Alternative / Indie
  2. Brian Jacques,Animal Fantasy
  3. James Gurney,Animal Fantasy
  4. Hirohiko Araki,Anime / Manga
  5. Junji Ito,Anime / Manga
  6. Osamu Tezuka,Anime / Manga
  7. Yusuke Murata,Japanese Anime
  8. Bisco Hatori,Japanese Anime
  9. Eiichiro Oda,Japanese Anime
  10. Hayao Miyazaki,Japanese Anime
  11. Hideaki Anno,Japanese Anime
  12. Hiro Mashima,Japanese Anime
  13. Kōhei Horikoshi,Japanese Anime
  14. Makoto Yukimura,Japanese Anime
  15. Masashi Kishimoto,Japanese Anime
  16. Satoshi Kon,Japanese Anime
  17. Rumiko Takahashi,Japanese Anime
  18. Yoshiyuki Tomino,Japanese Anime
  19. Akira Toriyama,Japanese Anime
  20. Katsuhiro Otomo,Japanese Anime
  21. Leiji Matsumoto,Japanese Anime
  22. Masamune Shirow,Japanese Anime
  23. Naoko Takeuchi,Japanese Anime
  24. CLAMP,Manga
  25. Akizuki Ryo,Manga
  26. Gosho Aoyama,Manga
  27. Yusei Matsuii,Manga
  28. Io Sakisaka,Manga
  29. Haruchi Furudate,Manga
  30. Coles Phillips,Illustrator
  31. Dean Cornwell,Illustrator
  32. Gil Elvgren,Illustrator
  33. Harrison Fisher,Illustrator
  34. J.C.Layendecker,Illustrator
  35. Jessie Willcox,Illustrator
  36. Norman Rockwell,Illustrator
  37. Rolf Armstrong,Illustrator
  38. Andrew Loomis,Illustrator
  39. Maurice Sendak,Children’s Book Illustrator
  40. Saint-Exupery,Children’s Book Illustrator
  41. Beatrix Potter,Children’s Book Illustrator
  42. Dr.Seuss,Children’s Book Illustrator
  43. Howard Pyle,Children’s Book Illustrator
  44. John Tenniel,Children’s Book Illustrator
  45. Aubrey Beardsley,Magazine and Paperback Illustrator
  46. Charles Dana Gibson,Magazine and Paperback Illustrator
  47. Elizabeth Shippen Green,Magazine and Paperback Illustrator
  48. Jack Davis,Magazine and Paperback Illustrator
  49. Carl Barks,Comics Illustration
  50. Jack Kirby,Comics Illustration
  51. Mike Mignola,Comics Illustration
  52. Neal Adams,Comic book artist
  53. Joe Shuster,Comic book artist
  54. Joe Kubert,Comic book artist
  55. Carmine Infantino,Comic book artist
  56. Curt Swan,Comic book artist
  57. Rich Buckler,Comic book artist
  58. AI Williamson,Comic book artist
  59. Alex Toth,Comic book artist
  60. Gene Colan,Comic book artist
  61. Gil Kane,Comic book artist
  62. Harvey Kurtzman,Comic book artist
  63. John Buscema,Comic book artist
  64. Stan Lee,Comic book artist
  65. Steve Ditko,Comic book artist
  66. Wally Wood,Comic book artist
  67. Will Eisner,Comic book artist
  68. John Romita Sr.,Comic book artist
  69. Scott McCloud,Comic book artist, modern
  70. Alex Ross,Comic book artist, modern
  71. Art Spiegelman,Comic book artist, modern
  72. Frank Miller,Comic book artist, modern
  73. Alex Raymond,Comic book artist, modern
  74. Charles M. Schulz,Comic book artist, modern
  75. Winsor McCay,Comic book artist, modern
  76. Bill Watterson,Comic book artist, modern
  77. Gary Larson,Comic book artist, modern
  78. H.r. Giger,Comic book artist, modern
  79. Tim White,Comic book artist, modern
  80. Jean Giraud,Comic book artist, modern
  81. Syd Mead,Comic book artist, modern
  82. Ed Emshwiller,Comic book artist, modern
  83. John Berkey,Comic book artist, modern
  84. Frank Kelly Freas,Comic book artist, modern
  85. Chesley Bonestell,Comic book artist, modern
  86. Ralph Mcquarrie,Comic book artist, modern
  87. Peter Elson,Comic book artist, modern
  88. N.C. Wyeth,Fantasy Illustration
  89. Arthur Rackham,Fantasy Illustration
  90. Frank Frazetta,Fantasy Illustration
  91. Michael Whelan,Fantasy Illustration
  92. Rodney Matthews,Fantasy Illustration
  93. Larry Elmore,Fantasy Illustration
  94. Alan Lee,Fantasy Illustration
  95. Bruce Pennington,Sci-Fi
  96. Chris Foss,Sci-Fi
  97. Franz Kline,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  98. Jackson Pollock,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  99. Lee Krasner,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  100. Mark Rothko,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  101. Barnett Newman,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  102. Hans Hofmann,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  103. Helen Frankenthaler,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  104. John Chamberlain,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  105. Willem De kooning,Classical art, Abstract Expressionism
  106. Lawrence-Alma-Tadema,Classical art, Academic Art
  107. Raja Ravi Varma,Classical art, Academic Art
  108. Frederic Leighton,Classical art, Academic Art
  109. Dante Gabriel,Classical art, Aestheticism
  110. James Whistler,Classical art, Aestheticism
  111. Anthony Van Dyck,Classical art, Antwerp School
  112. Jacob Jordaens,Classical art, Antwerp School
  113. Peter Paul Rubens,Classical art, Antwerp School
  114. Tamara de Lempicka,Classical art, Art Deco
  115. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,Classical art, Art Nouveau
  116. Louis Comfort Tiffany,Classical art, Art Nouveau
  117. Charles Rennie Mackintosh,Classical art, Art Nouveau
  118. Hector Guimard,Classical art, Art Nouveau
  119. Gustav Klimt,Classical art, Art Nouveau
  120. Michelangelo Pistoletto,Classical art, Art Povera
  121. Edward Burne-Jones,Classical art, Arts and Crafts Movement
  122. William Morris,Classical art, Arts and Crafts Movement
  123. William Glackens,Classical art, Ashcan School
  124. George Bellows,Classical art, Ashcan School
  125. George Luks,Classical art, Ashcan School
  126. Robert Henri,Classical art, Ashcan School
  127. Ernest Zacharevic,Contemporary Art
  128. James Jean,Contemporary Art
  129. Jean-Michel Basquiat,Contemporary Art
  130. Keith Haring,Contemporary Art
  131. Brothers Hildebrandt,Fantasy Illustration
  132. Bruce Pennington,Fantasy Illustration
  133. Charles Vess,Fantasy Illustration
  134. Un Autre Monde 1844,Fantasy Illustration
  135. Patrick Nagel,Fashion
  136. Norman Rockwell,Genre Painter
  137. Edward Gorey,Horror
  138. Vincent van Gogh,Impressionism
  139. Bob Eggleton,Kaiju
  140. Frank Miller,Neo-Noir Comics
  141. Andy Warhol,Pop Art
  142. Tim Burton,Producer & Screenwriter
  143. William-Adolphe Bouguereau,Realism
  144. Leonardo da Vinci,Renaissance
  145. Jean-Honoré Fragonard,Rococo
  146. Chesley Bonestell,Sci-Fi
  147. Ed Emshwiller,Sci-Fi
  148. Frank Kelly Freas,Sci-Fi
  149. Jean Giraud,Sci-Fi
  150. Kilian Eng,Sci-Fi
  151. Larry Elmore,Sci-Fi
  152. Marc Simonetti,Sci-Fi
  153. Michael Whelan,Sci-Fi
  154. Robert McCall,Sci-Fi
  155. Stephan Martinière,Sci-Fi
  156. Syd Mead,Sci-Fi
  157. Banksy,Street Art
  158. Takashi Murakami,Superflat
  159. Jacek Yerka,Surrealism
  160. Salvador Dali,Surrealism
  161. Andrew Newell Wyeth,
  162. Caricature by J.J. Grandville, 1840,
  163. Currier and Ives,
  164. Edward Hopper,
  165. Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky,
  166. J.J. Grandville,
  167. John Berkey,
  168. John William Waterhouse,
  169. Kehinde Wiley,
  170. Leonetto Cappiello,
  171. Marjane Satrapi,
  172. R.L. Stine (Goosebumps 1985),
  173. Rosa Bonheur,
  174. Simon Stålenhag,
  175. Zdzisław Beksiński,

Digital/ 3D Artists

  1. Aiste Stancikait,Pencil Animation
  2. Alberto Seveso,Photographer
  3. Dan Mumford,
  4. David McLeod,CGI
  5. Erik Johansson,Surreal Photographer
  6. Hal Lasko,Pixel Art
  7. Jason Naylor,Typography
  8. Lisa Frank,
  9. Nik Ainley,Digital Illustrator
  10. Sara Ludy,
  11. Sean Charmatz,Animator
  12. Stephen Mcmennamy,Surreal Photographer

Photographers and Movie Directors

  1. Annie Leibovitz,Photographer
  2. David LaChapelle,Photographer
  3. David Lynch,Director
  4. Inez and Vinoodh,Art Duo
  5. Lee Jeffries,Photographer
  6. Mert and Marcus,Art Duo
  7. Nick Knight,Photographer
  8. Steven Klein,Photographer


It is not necessary to know all art jargon to write good prompts. All you need to know is how to use the artist’s name and steal prompt ideas from other artists.

You can ease the creation of prompts by using the free prompt generators that are available for DALL.E 2.

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