How to Steal Prompt Ideas from Other Artists Like a Boss

Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generators are cool if you know how to prompt well. Day by day the capabilities of AI art generators, such as DALL.E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other machine learning models are increasing.

The AI art generators can generate photography-style images, architectural designs, illustrations, art history, and more. You can get the most out of these AI art generators only if you know how to write good prompts.

Prompts and Prompt Engineering

Prompts are text descriptions written in human language that is used as input for AI art generators.  

AI art generators create artwork based on the prompts provided, which is why they are also known as text-to-image generators.

The art of creating prompts for the best art generations is known as Prompt Engineering.

Why Is There a Need to Steal Prompt Ideas

Prompt engineering may seem easy at first sight. But, if you start creating prompts, you will come to know the difficulty in it.

Sometimes, you need to rewrite your prompt to achieve better results. In the process of creating good prompts, you might run out of ideas; definitely, you will at some point.

At that time of writer’s block, you can take inspiration from the prompts of other AI artists. There is nothing wrong with it. Instead, this technique makes prompting a bit less dark.

In this article, you will learn where to look for prompt ideas.

Steal Prompt Ideas from Other Artists Like a Boss

  1. AI Art Galleries
  2. Subreddits
  3. AI Prompt Generators
  4. Twitter and Instagram

1. AI Art Galleries

AI art galleries are the gold mine of prompt ideas. The best part is they are free to use. These AI art galleries have millions and millions of user-generated prompts along with AI-generated artwork.

Currently, there are two AI art galleries available: Lexica and OpenArt.


Lexica is a stable diffusion search engine that was developed by Sharif Shameem. Soon after the release, Lexica exploded in popularity among the AI art community.

In Lexica, you can search by image relevancy as well as prompt text. Either way, you need to enter the keyword in the given search box and click “Search”.

Then, the result will pop up in a few seconds. To get to see the prompts, just hover your cursor over the displayed result. Click on the result if you want to copy the prompt. Prompt

Due to its popularity and potential, bagged $5 million via AI Grant program in the month of September 2022.


OpenArt is another awesome source to lookout for prompt ideas. Unlike Lexica, OpenArt holds the results generated by DALL.E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.


You can search based on your requirement or you can simply scroll through the result displayed on the page. OpenArt uses OpenAI’s CLIP model for content-based search.

To copy prompts from OpenArt, just click on the result displayed and click “Copy to clipboard”.

Prompts in OpenArt

You can not only search prompts but also create AI art inside the OpenArt. Yes, OpenArt made DALL.E 2 available inside their platform. To create AI arts, you need to sign up using your Discord account or Google account.

Each generation consumes 1 credit and gives 10 results. You will be given 20 free credits. At the moment credits are not purchasable (will be available soon). However, you can earn credits by inviting your friends to OpenArt.

OpenArt X DALL.E 2

2. Subreddits

The second best place to steal prompt ideas is the Subreddit page of DALL.E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E mini.

Head to these pages and scroll down to see the AI arts along with prompts.

Prompt ideas from Reddit

There are high chances you can find prompt ideas from the Reddit platform. However, finding prompt ideas on Reddit is time taking and sometimes you could not able to find anything worthy. If this is the case, you can try the following steps.

3. AI Prompt Generators

The next on the list is AI prompt generators. There is a finite number of free AI prompt generators available for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL.E 2.

You can simply leverage these tools to get prompt ideas. The best free AI prompt generators you should try for better prompt ideas are:

My best AI prompt generator is promptoMANIA as it has a large library of visual representations of prompt modifiers.

4. Twitter and Instagram

Last but not least place you can look out for prompt ideas is Twitter and Instagram. Just by following AI artists on Twitter and Instagram, you can get prompt ideas—but not all the time.

There are many skillful AI artists who are active on both Twitter and Instagram. They are actively posting their artwork via their profile. But, mostly they only post their AI-generated artwork and not the prompt.

However, if you come across any stunning piece of artwork on Twitter or Instagram, just take a screenshot or download that image. Then, you can feed the image into DALL.E 2, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion and get variations of those images. This way you can create wonderful art without the prompt.


Stealing prompt ideas is not illegal as you are just stealing the prompt ideas not the prompt. I hope that this article gave you the best ideas to steal prompt ideas.

Apart from stealing prompt ideas, you can perform reverse prompt lookup (I.e., image-to-prompt) to get prompt ideas.

Feel free to share it if you find this article useful. Happy Prompting!

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