How to Increase Your eCommerce Sales Using AI in 2021

Sophia has been running a clothing & accessories store for 25 years and was forced to shut down during the peak of COVID. She never made any attempt to sell products online but COVID pushed her to do so. Within three days she takes her store online using Shopify with the help of her nephew. She started to promote her store using social media ads and with a lot of efforts sales started to soar and she had sold more products than ever before owning an offline store. 

Many Sophias reading this article would have created an eCommerce store during this pandemic but are struggling to increase sales.

COVID sparked the eCommerce growth to 135% in the U.S. alone. Shopify reported $200 million in the fourth quarter of 2020, compared to $50m a prior year; that is a 300% growth rate in one year alone. The more mom-and-pop stores started to go digital-first time and even big retail giants started to concentrate more on online eCommerce.

If more people are entering the arena there would be higher competition. How would you differentiate your eCommerce store from others? 

How would you increase organic traffic to your site? 

How would you increase your brand awareness? 

These are a few questions that would pop up every day for every eCommerce owner. We would show you a few methods that would improve your eCommerce sales by 10x. Some methods may show you the effect immediately and some may take time but it is worth trying. 

Focus on both short-term and long-term. The combination of both would set you apart from your competition. 

Let’s dive into the topic 

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The first thing a user sees is the homepage of your store. This is great for introducing your brand to visitors. Make it more interesting and compelling.

For example, let’s check out the AXIS homepage

10x your ecommerce sale

If you look at their Home page copy, they have clearly explained what they are doing and How it does works and With a clear CTA button

10x your ecommerce sale

In AXIS, they have demonstrated the feature of the product in a clear and concise way with a clear picture.

Why is the Homepage important? 

  • A great home page will increase brand awareness and trustworthiness for the visitor.
  • 72% of users who visited the product page will bounce back to your home page. 
  • 78% of visitors who found your site through content will look up your home page.

How should a Homepage be? 

  • Relevant high-quality image or video that catches the attention of the visitor.
  • Visible and clear CTA; multiple CTAs may lead to confusion.
  • Written primarily for marketing campaigns, not for SEO.
  • Testimonials that include customer’s videos, photos, or tweets.
  • Have media recognition and trust seals.

Tools Needed for Homepage

  • Jarvis: An AI writer that helps you to write high-quality engaging home pages. It adds vibrancy to your homepage by brainstorming different angles.  
  • Collecting video testimonials is now easy with Get video testimonials instantly from your customer and share/ embed them into your website without any coding. It even lets you add custom domain and color to make it more fit into your brand.

Product page

Even a great product fails to sell if it’s not presented well. Hence, optimizing a product page has always been important in eCommerce.A product page is an important component of an eCommerce website. It gives all the information about a particular product that customers want to buy.  A clear product description and feature with a well-presented image always stand out. For example, check out the LARQ product page the below image.

10x your ecommerce sale

LARQ designed its product page with high-quality images, a clean product headline, and with great product description copy.

Why is the Product Page Important?

  • A persuasive product page with all the necessary details will turn visitors into customers.
  • 87% of customers extremely consider product content when deciding to buy.
  • About 7% of visitors who landed directly on the product page converts compared to 2-2.5% who landed on the homepage.

How should a Product Page be?

  • A high-quality image or video with a succinct description will give visitors knowledge about the product.
  • The product offers and its unique features to attract visitors.
  • Social proof: customer ratings to project people’s view of the product.
  • Clear pricing details and FAQs to avoid chaos.
  • Similar product suggestion section to show alternatives.

Tools Needed for Effective Product Page

  • AI Writer that helps you to write effective product descriptions and headlines that convert. You can even set the tone of voice as persuasive, etc. It saves you a lot of time and effort.


⅓ of all clicks go to the first organic result on Google. If one of your content ranks first in Google, you will save a lot of marketing efforts. Ranking your content on Google takes a lot of time and it’s worth it to do. Blogging is an effective form of free marketing.

Blogs has lower-up-front costs & deeper long-term benefits than paid search and cost 62% less Contnetmarketinginstitute

Why Is Blogging Important for eCommerce Stores?

  • The more blog content your eCommerce has, the more traffic it will generate, and that will increase a lot of sales for your site.
  • You may establish yourself as an industry expert if you utilize your blog well.
  • Allows you to tell stories that convert visitors into customers. 
  • Blogging boosts your Google ranking.
  • Small business blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.

61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blog Contentmarketinginstitute

What Type of Content Should Your Blog have? 

  • Tips and tricks for your targeted audience.
  • Tutorial of how to use your products.
  • Breaking news of your relevant industry.
  • Focus more on adding more value to the customer.
  • Client success story with pictures and videos.

Tools Need for Effective Blogs You can leverage Jarvis Boss Mode to write long-form content 10 times faster. Otherwise, You can use Jarvis to generate blog post topic ideas, outline, and intro paragraphs.

SurferSEO: SurferSEO is a must-have on-page SEO tool for eCommerce websites. It helps to optimize your content faster. Outrank your competitors with its SEO Audit and SERP Analyzer. Since SurferSEO and have become partners, you can now use SurferSEO on, if you have subscribed to SurferSEO.


Newsletter marketing is the practice where you send product-related content and your industry-specific information via an email to a subscriber list. The newsletter helps you increase brand awareness and establish authority in your space. 

10x your ecommerce sale

Blue Apron uses a FOMO timer in their email pop-up to capture email. They have an attention-grabbing headline with a color contrast button that will push users to giveaway their email.

Why Is Newsletter Important? 

  • Newsletter marketing is inexpensive and has a high ROI.
  • To increase brand awareness and reputation. 
  • To engage with your customer.

How Should a Newsletter be?

  • Creative headlines: Headlines should entice the reader to open the email.
  • Scroll Worthy Content: Your newsletter should be filled with eye-catchy images and content.
  • Relevant: The newsletter should have relevant content specific to your brand.
  • Consistent Schedule: Newsletter should be published regularly. 
  • Strong Call to Action: Every newsletter should have the desired action to perform by the readers.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Mobile users are using mobile to check email. Make sure your newsletter content is optimized for mobile. 
  • Unsubscribe: Give freedom to your subscriber to opt-out whenever they want. 

Tools Needed for Effective Newsletter 

Jarvis ( Creative headline helps users to open up mail in the first place and a strong call to action will convert newsletter readers to make a compelling action. You can create both a powerful headline and valuable content in

Moosend: Spend less time on the setup and customization of your newsletter with Moosend, an email marketing platform. It helps to create responsive professional-looking emails to keep your customers and interested parties engaged.

Email Marketing

The most valuable thing of an eCommerce store is collecting email. This is the data no one else on the web has but you. Consistently provide value and engage with your customer through email marketing.

10x your ecommerce sale

If you check out the Bewakoof sales email, the FOMO-induced headline triggers users to open up their mail. They have structured their email with an attractive high-quality images.

Why Is Email Marketing Important? 

  • To increase your customer lifetime value.
  • You can build your relationship with your customer. 
  • High open rate and extremely measurable.
  • You completely own your email list.

 Email marketing accounts for 23% of sales.

How Email Marketing Should Be?

  • Discounting Email: One of the most effective e-commerce marketing strategies. Regularly offering discounts to the users will lead to more sales. 
  • Referral Email: Get your visitor to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friend.
  • Abandonment Cart Email: 70% of all eCommerce websites abandon their shopping cart and 45% of shoppers are likely to purchase if they are offered again at a discounted price or free shipping. 
  • Order Confirmation Email: Sending order confirmation email or delivery information will improve the credibility of your site.
  • The Upsell Email: Upsell and cross-sell the closely related products.

Tools Needed for Email Marketing

Jarvis ( Write enticing email subject lines and valuable email body with It helps to create professional emails in a matter of seconds.

Moosend: Moosend, an email marketing platform helps to create responsive professional-looking emails to keep your customers and interested parties engaged. You can keep up with your marketing drive with results tracked. Moosend supports email automation with a pre-built template.

Personalized Push Notification 

Lot of ways to grab the attention of the user and one such thing is sending hyper-personalized push notifications. You can send push notifications either on mobile or the web.

Why Is Push Notification Important? 

  • One of the quickest ways to get your users engaged with your brand. 
  • You can segment your users and retarget them using push notifications.
  • You can promote your product and services.
  • Pull back the users who haven’t used your product or service for a while.
  • Restore abandoned carts for an eCommerce application.

Businesses that run push notifications have 3x engagement

How Push Notification Should Be?

  • General marketing is all over there. Personalized marketing surely differentiates you from a competitor.
  • Hyper-personalize your push notification by including user name, location, or even sending birthday wishes through notification.
  • Timing is crucial when sending push notifications.
  • Frequency of sending push notifications.
  • Use scarcity, induce FOMO and use social proof in designing push notifications.

Tools Needed for Effective Push Notification Push notifications have a character limit on title as well as message, you have to send a highly clickable copy to get the attention of the user. Users will only click on the notification if they find it valuable. Using Jarvis, you can generate multiple copies in a few seconds and choose whichever copy you want.

Social Media

Great eCommerce brands will have social media presence across all platforms from Instagram to Tiktok. Each social media must have catchy content to drive up engagement.

Why Is Social Media Important?

  • Every year the competition in the eCommerce industry increases, that is why social media for eCommerce is important to stand out.
  • Facilitates brand building process attracts a large group of online followers and generates online sales.

How Should Social Media Profile be?

  • Since it offers a much less formal way of communication, try to engage your audience casually.
  • Provide high-value content to increase followers.
  • Always find time to respond to user comments, questions, and reviews.
  • Build a video script and partner with influencers to reach more audiences.

Tools Needed for Effective Social Media Profile It helps to create short social posts to long-form posts. You can use Jarvis to answer in Quora, Social Media Posts, and write professional responses to customer reviews.

Missinglettr: It helps you manage all your social media channels in one palace. You can schedule your post and even find the analytics of each social media channel. It also helps you to find out which social media channel works for you.

Social Proof Notification

We always try a new restaurant because it is busy and popular and the same goes for your website. If you are a small eCommerce store or an unknown brand, the only way to increase the trust of the user is by providing strong social proof. Just a small notification will boost your website conversion by 26%.

10x your ecommerce sale

Why Is Social Proof Important?

  • Increase signup and purchase conversions.
  • New users trust more if they see that other people are also using the product or services.
  • Generate more sales by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of customer behaviors on your site.
  • Building trust and credibility and lowering barriers to making purchases.
  • 97% of people who visit your site never buy.

How Should Social Proof Be?

  • Building confidence with customers by showing real orders.
  • Let the user know about your Live visitor count and by creating FOMO (fear of missing out).

Tools Needed for Effective Social Proof

Nudgify: Helps you increase your conversion and sales by turning data into Social proof by inducing FOMO. 

One of the fastest ways to increase your sales from Day 1 is Social ads. Using social media platforms you can target highly relevant ads based on the user interaction. Almost all marketing channels from email marketing to growing a social media presence would take a lot of time to show results but with social ads, the results are immediate. 

Global Social media ad spent reaches 105 Billion dollars in 2021 and it continues to grow 35% YOY

Why Social Ads are Important?

  • The ability to bring new customers or sell a new product consistently is way harder. With social ads, you can bring new customers to your site regularly.
  • Social media ads offer unbeatable ROI.
  • No limit to your ability to scale. 
  • Social ads can bring a huge increase in conversion with a low cost of acquisition.

How should Social Ads be?

  • Experimentation: Producing perfect results using social ads takes a while and it requires a lot of experimentation and time.
  • Create a compelling offer (40% Cashback) via a compelling format (image, video, or social proof) in a medium where people will see it.
  • Always test your new ads every week.
  • The use of emoji in ads can drive higher CTR.

Tools Needed for Effective Social Ads

Jarvis ( Helps you generate high-quality copy for ads for increased conversion and higher ROI. Jarvis AI trained to write scroll-stopping headlines for Facebook ads, High converting copy for Google ads headline and description. 

Madgicx: Optimize ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google with a powerful AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform with creative and autonomous ad buying capabilities. With AI Madgicx constantly improves ad copy insights.

About Us Page

Almost all the shoppers want to buy things from the company they trust. The About Us page is where you can build that trust. That’s why it is essential to present compelling stories about how you started your journey and are passionate about your products.

Why is the About Us Page important?

  • A well-crafted About Us page helps you to build trust and loyalty with customers.
  • The Great About Us page will elevate your brand image. 
  • A great SEO-optimized About Us page will boost the website’s rank.

How About Us Page Should be?

  • Have a compelling story of why you started this brand. 
  • Great visual representation by providing high-quality images or video.
  • Share the core value of your brand. 
  • Sharing all of your social media pages helps you to attract a large following across the platform.

Tools Needed for Effective About Us Page With Jarvis Boss Mode you could be able to write your about us page with creative storytelling that elevates your brand image.


The FAQ section addresses the common questions asked by the customer and thus by having a great FAQ page solves most of the customer issues.

10x your ecommerce sale


FAQ section of LUCA+DANNI has clearly segmented faq topic that helps visitors to easily find what they looking for.

Why are FAQs important?

  • FAQ page solves most of the common customer problems thus improving your overall customer service.
  • FAQ is static and can be accessed 24/7.
  • Without a proper FAQ page, you can make your customer frustrated for lack of information.

How FAQ should be?

  • Organize your FAQ question based on categories like shipping, order, and return. 
  • Have images or videos in your FAQ.
  • Regularly update your FAQ section with new questions and answers. 
  • Always have Most Asked Questions first.

Tools Needed for Effective FAQ Section –  Helps you write a compelling FAQ Section using Jarvis AI.

Tools Need to Scale Your Ecommece Sales 10x – AI Copywriter and Content Writer 

Jarvis is the only go-to tool needed for almost all use cases for running your eCommerce store. From creating perfectly crafted landing pages to customer issue solving FAQ repository. With more than 50 copywriting templates you can scale your entire eCommerce marketing needs.

Why Jarvis is the go-to tool for Ecommerce Store 

  • Jarvis AI helps you to write an attention-grabbing headline for your sales email, Landing page, and Newsletter headline.
  • Create succinct product descriptions and features for websites, emails, and social media using Jarvis.
  • It helps you to increase your CTR percentage by fine-tuning Google ads headline and description, Facebook ads headline and description. 
  • Create scroll-stopping Facebook and Instagram Headlines.
  • Craft your perfect About Us story with the help of Jarvis Boss Mode.
  • Even write your video script for your Youtube channel with a Youtube script template from Jarvis AI.
  • With Jarvis Boss Mode, you can write long-form content for blogs and will improve your overall content marketing effort to 10x.

You can check out all the Copywriting templates from Facebook Ad Headline to Google Ads Description and even writing product descriptions. Check the below image and you can check out 50+ copywriting templates supported by Jarvis.

Jarvis Review

If you are satisfied with the above-mentioned points, you can sign up for Jarvis using the link below. We may get a small commission by doing so. If you have any help you can ping us any time.


Missinglettr – Social Media Automation 

Missinglettr is the social media platform that helps you to build your social media brand, drive awareness, generate traffic, and automate all of your social media channels in one essay-to-use hub.

Why Missingletter is the go-to Social Media Automation for your eCommerce Store 

  • Connect all social media channels from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin under one dashboard. 
  • Track the performance of your posts, brand mentions and monitor results from social media activities. All from one dashboard.
  • Helps you to find out the best time for posting any content
  • Helps you to find out the best social media channel that works for your brand. 

10x your ecommerce sale

Nudgify – Social Proof Software 

Nudgify helps brands to increase trust and sales with social proof nudges powered by real-time data. 


Why Nudgify is the go-to Social Proof Software for your eCommerce Store

  • By nudging your visitor with FOMO notifications you increase their desire to take action, increase sales to encourage more sign-ups.
  • Nudgify shows relevant social proof notifications on each page. 
  • Supports 29 languages.
  • Nudgify algorithm is continually learning which means the longer you use nudgify, the more valuable it becomes.

10x your ecommerce sale

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