Best NFT Clubs to Follow on Clubhouse

There are a lot of things happening everyday in the NFT world. If you are an emerging NFT artist, minter, or flipper, keeping up-to-date is essential. However, most of the time you ended up consuming unwanted information.

How can you get quality information about NFT?

First, you need to be active on Twitter.

Second, you need to listen to podcasts. Read our article: Best NFT Podcasts You Should Listen

Third, you need to be an active listener in Clubhouse’s NFT clubs.

There are all the places where NFT industry experts, famous NFT artists, and great leaders used to share their insights and upcoming NFT trends.

That’s why we have curated the best NFT clubs for you to follow.

Best NFT Clubs to Follow on Clubhouse


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 65k members, NFT is the top club on the Clubhouse.

This club acts as the bridge between the NFT community and the rest of the world. Most of the members in this club are the biggest talent including the famous NFT artist Justin Blau known as 3LAU, Farokh Sarmad, and Noah nyles.

NFT club welcomes all the NFT artists, collectors, community leaders, and NFT enthusiasts.

Few famous/recent talks include: Crypto Champions: the most community-based NFT and Baby Shark NFT Drop with PinkFong.


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 42k members, this the second most followed club on Clubhouse.

This is the official club of NFTS.TIPS, one of the largest NFT & DeFi communities in the world.

The group allows its members to:

  • Get promotion for their drops

  • Find dream job

  • Get access to resources

  • Find artists to collaborate with 

  • Receive onboarding help

  • Get discovered by galleries, investors, and collectors

The members of this club include NFT artists, investors, entrepreneurs, and newbies.

 Few famous/recent talks include: Meet the Founder of Elite Doge Club and Blockchain Gospel.


Clubhouse NFT club

With 17k members, this is the third most followed club on Clubhouse.

NFT ART unites the NFT artists and collectors. You can learn about NFTs and even share your NFTs with this community.

This is managed by Ed and Brian Krassenstein, the co-founders of


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 13.3k members, this club is the fourth most followed on Clubhouse.

This club is the official club of NFT CASTER, the first digital NFT WiFi Display to show NFTs from the crypto wallet.

It seems that this club is more related to their own platform. This club includes ZEN, the NFT Caster founder, Mad Dog Jones, one of the famous NFT artists, and more.


Clubhouse NFT club

Over 10.5k members, this the fifth most followed club on Clubhouse.

This acts as a hub for promoting NFT works, open discussions, helpful resources, and NFT Q&A’s. It often hosts special events with Guest speakers.

The members include many NFT enthusiasts, NFT artists, and entrepreneurs.


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 10k, this club is the sixth most followed club on Clubhouse.

NFTS club strives to build and support the NFT community. It welcomes newbies, NFT collectors, and OGs.

Don’t know what OG means? Read our article: The Lingo / Language / Jargon for NFT’s

The club has daily, weekly, and bi-weekly rooms. It includes many NFT artists, newbies, founders, and co-founders.


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 5.9k members, this is the seventh most followed club on Clubhouse.

This club discusses some interesting and trending NFT topics. It has Bomani X, the founder of Lit.Spins. and Chris Hoyle, an entrepreneur at NFT.

Few famous/recent talks include: NFT project “Dabbu” comic from 1970s, inspired by Gary Vee! and Exciting new NFT project “Doge Dash”, and more.


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 4.6k members, this is one of the active clubs on Clubhouse.

This club helps NFT artists and collectors to share their stories and to find the right resources.

It hosts daily and monthly drop parties; weekly NFT photography room.

It has many NFT artists, NFT 3d artists, founders, and entrepreneurs as members.

Few famous/recent talks include: African Mask NFT Drop & Exhibition – why Heritage Art


Clubhouse NFT club

The NFT SUPERSTARS has over 4k members.

This is the place for best curated content on NFT. Need funds to get your NFT project minted and listed? You can DM @nftsuperstars with a brief summary of your project.

It conducts one-on-one interviews with artists and influencers in the NFT space. This club is full of artists, founders, and entrepreneurs.


Clubhouse NFT club

With over 3.9k members, this is the one and only 24/7 NFT club on Clubhouse.

This club allows its members to chat about NFTs and crypto. There are many NFT collectors, artists, and founders in this club.


Clubhouse NFT club

It has over 3.5k members.

It covers topics such as NFT, CryptoKitties, Punks, crypto, NFT advertising, sport cards, and more. 

This club welcomes all the NFT artists, collectors, and community leaders. It has many artists and entrepreneurs as members.


Clubhouse NFT clubs

This club has nearly 2k members.

This club is exclusively for promotion of NFTs. Here artists can promote each other’s art. This club is full of emerging artists and newbies.

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