14 Best NFT Podcasts You Should Listen in 2022

The podcast is the best way to consume information where two industry people share their insights in an entertainable way. If you are into NFTs and want to stay up to date, then we have curated a list of top NFT podcasts you can listen to. Also, read our articles on How to Buy NFTs … Read more

How to Make Passive Income from NFTs: Minting & Flipping Strategies

Two or three years back, if I said to you that you could make money in thousands/ millions with a jpeg file, you wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, nobody would. But now jpeg’s minted on the blockchain (NFTs) has attracted celebrities to top companies. NFTs are indirectly promoting block chain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization among … Read more

The Lingo / Language / Jargon for NFT’s

If you are navigating the world of NFT twitter, you may hear specific lingo and jargon that are interchange among Web3, Crypto, and NFT enthusiast. It will be difficult to follow and grasp for newcomers. In this guide, we will cover almost all Lingo that has been used among NFT users on Twitter.  This article … Read more

Top 15 Famous NFT Artists to Follow

Indeed, van Gogh and Picasso definitely had their heyday for centuries. But now, Beeple and fellow co-artists are the talk of the town. Yes, digital art is now taking over the art industry like crazy. 5.4 million NFT sales worth over $9 billion happened in the past twelve months. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic for … Read more

12 Best NFT Discord Server/Communities in 2022

What is an NFT Discord? Discord is a voice, video, and text communication service used by millions of people where they can interact in the form of a community. NFT projects use Discord to build their community. In Discord groups, they can give their announcement, updates, help, and supports around the NFT Projects. This helps … Read more