How to Play STEPN: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Play STEPN

STEPN is a move-to-earn NFT lifestyle project that motivates people to get or stay fit.

With the GameFi and SocialFi elements, this Web3 lifestyle application incentives people with NFT sneakers for walking, jogging, and running outdoors.

STEPN application comes with an in-built marketplace and wallet with a swap function where users can buy and store their NFT sneakers.

Users can also lease or sell their NFT sneakers via the in-app marketplace.

STEPN has two tokens:

  • GST—the utility token
  • GMT—the utility token and governance token

Both GST and GMT can be earned when a user moves. GMT can only be obtained at Sneaker Level 30.

To get started with STEPN, you need to register with your email address.

To play STEPN, you need to apply the activation code.

Next, create a wallet and fund it.

Lastly, grab an NFT sneaker and run.

Steps to Play with STEPN

  1. Install the STEPN Application
  2. Create an Account
  3. Create a STEPN Wallet
  4. Transfer SOL to STEPN Wallet
  5. Buy an NFT Sneaker
  6. Get Outdoor and Run
  7. Burn GST/ GMT

1. Install the STEPN Application

First, you need to download the STEPN application.

Open your mobile browser and head to the STEPN website.

Tap on download.

STPEN is available as an Android and iOS application.

2. Create an Account

After the installation, you need to sign up.

To sign up, you need to type in your email address.

And, tap on Send Code.

Now, you will be receiving an email verification code.

Type in the code within a minute and tap on Login.

Play with STEPN

Then, STEPN will ask you to enter the Activation Code.

You can find the STEPN activation code in STEPN Discord, STEPN Reddit, Completing the STEPN Quiz, and other crypto communities.

You can refer to this step-by-step guide for further clarification: How to Get STEPN Activation Code: Quiz Answered

3. Create a STEPN Wallet

After completing the signup and activation code process, you will land on the homepage.

There you will be able to see the wallet icon in the top right corner of your mobile screen.

Tap on it.

Play with STEPN

Now, you will be able to see two tabs: Spending and Wallet.

Tap on Wallet.

Play with STEPN

After tapping on Wallet, there will be a wallet pop-up.

You can create a new wallet or you could import a wallet using the Seed Phrase.

As per STEPN recommendation, let’s go with a new wallet.

Tap on Create a new wallet.

Play with STEPN

After tapping on Create a new wallet, STEPN will ask you to set up a password.

This password will be used to lock/ unlock the wallet in your current device.

Then, it will show you a Seed Phrase.

Store it in a physical place rather than digital.

If somebody knows your seed phrase, they will have full access to your STEPN wallet.

Read: Best Practices for Storing and Securing the STEPN Wallet Seed Phrase.

4. Transfer SOL to STEPN Wallet

After setting the password and storing the seed phrase safely, you need to copy the receiving address by tapping on Receive.

Play with STEPN

Then, go to Binance and select SOL.

Tap Withdrawal.

Paste the STEPN wallet address and enter the amount of SOL that you wish to send.

Complete the verification and after 5 minutes check your STEPN wallet.

You can refer to this step-by-step guide on How to Transfer Solana (SOL) to STEPN.

5. Buy an NFT Sneaker

To earn money in STEPN, you need to buy an NFT sneaker based on your fitness level.

You can choose across:

  • Walker (1-6 km/ hr)
  • Jogger (4-10 km/ hr)
  • Runner (8-20 km/ hr)
  • Trainer (1-20 km/ hr)

You can buy the NFT sneakers in the in-app marketplace or in Magic Eden.

You can buy an NFT sneaker or a shoebox. A shoebox contains one random sneaker.


Play with STEPN

At this time of writing, sneakers have a floor price of between 12 and 18 SOL.

Hence, you need 12-18 SOL to play STEPN. Ensure to have a small amount of SOL for the gas fee apart from the sneaker price.

Alternatively, you can rent NFT sneakers from other players for free with profit-sharing (Under development).

You can find the full detail of the NFT sneaker on the sneaker detail page.

The sneaker detail page includes details such as:

Quality: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary

Efficiency: Enhance GST token earnings

Luck: Enhance mystery box drop rate

Comfort: Enhance GMT token earnings (at level 30)

Resilience: Reduces repair costs

6. Get Outdoor and Run

After getting an NFT sneaker, get yourself outdoor and run with GPS enabled.

If your GPS signal is strong, you will get guaranteed earnings.

If the GPS signal was very low or no signal, you will get low to no earnings accordingly.

Also, you need to maintain the optimal speed (maintain the green zone) as per the sneaker selected.

NameOptimal Speed (km/ hr)GST Earnings
Walker1-64 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Jogger4-105 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Runner8-206 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Trainer1-204-6.25 GST/ 1 Energy Spent

7. Burn GST/ GMT

Burning a GST means spending the GST earned.

  • To your sneaker more efficient, you can level up your sneakers with GST/ GMT earned.
  • You can mint a new sneaker to sell or keep it.
  • You can swap your GST/ GMT to USDC.

Play with STEPN


STPEN is one of the best move2earn NFT games that allow people to make money by staying fit.

To play STEPN, you need to first set up your account as mentioned above and buy NFT sneakers.

After buying an NFT sneaker, you need to go outdoor and run with GPS enabled on your mobile.

Nobody will pay you to stay fit. But in Web3 it is possible.

What are you waiting for?

Run Forest Run…


1. Can I use STEPN on a runner/ treadmill?

No, you can’t use STEPN on a treadmill. To identify cheaters, STEPN uses GPS to track the activity. So, you need to go outdoor and start running, jogging, or walking.

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