Smartwriter Review: The Best Sales/ Cold Email Software

Smartwriter Review

Smartwriter is AI personalized cold email software based on OPEN AI’s GPT-3 technology. Smartwriter not only helps you to write personalized emails but you can also generate Google and Facebook ad copy for your marketing needs. Smartwriter is used by more than 4,100+ businesses and received great responses across all review platforms including Trustpilot and G2.

Smartwriter Ratings

Why do you need

  • Automate hours of Research: Smartwriter automates your entire research and copywriting process in seconds so you can send emails that convert in 1 Click.
  • Send Personalized Emails in 1 Click: Find and use your prospect’s online data to create a punchy personalized cold email for sales or backlinks at scale.
  • Improve your mail open rate and reply rate: Smartwriter personalized messages are trained on highly convertible sales email so that personalized emails generated by Smartwriter can convince your prospects to take action.

Smartwriter Features

Personalized Cold Email Outreach 

Smartwriter helps you to create

  • Company-based Personalisation: AI analyses the prospect’s website to find case studies, blogs, Google News, the Linkedin profiles of leaders and creates a unique outreach message.
  • Access Emails From Linkedin Leads: AI would help you to find leads for you in one button click.
  • Create Punchy Subject Lines and Product Pitches: Generate a complete cold email from personalized introduction using prospect online data to your product pitches. 

Automated SEO Backlink Outreach

  • Smartwriter reads a blog and understands the context, and creates a hyper-personalized backlink request email to scale your link acquisition.
  • Smartwriter reads entire blogs in seconds and understands the context and creates a unique outreach message referencing key points from the blog to build trust with the author.
  • Using Smartwriter you can build backlinks at a rapid rate using personalized AI outreach. 

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach 

  • Smartwriter creates a personalized message based on your prospect’s recent comment or post on Linkedin.
  • Smartwriter sends personalized messages using their Linkedin Bio, current job profile, skills and builds an emotional connection with them without you doing any research. 

AI Social Media Content Generator 

Smartwriter creates engaging, context-based Instagram comments and Quora answers that will elevate our brand image.


AI Content Generator

Smartwriter uses a powerful marketing framework to create convertible copy that can be used for landing pages, to write entire e-books, or to create eCommerce product copy.

Find Email and Verify 

Just give the URL of the website. Smartwriter will fetch you the email address and even show you the email status and SMTP status for the particular email.


SEO Friendly Article 

With Smartwriter you can also generate SEO-friendly articles and no more writer’s block unlocks the creative genius within you.


Currently, smartwriter supports a few major integrations from Shopify, Gsheet, Milkshake, Lemlist, and Reply.

Smartwriter Pros

  • Sending hyper-personalization messages at scale without needing to spend time researching the prospect.
  • Support additional features including eCommerce product descriptions, Optimize of your landing page for sales.
  • You can generate personalized messages in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
  • Find verified emails of any decision-makers.
  • In-App Editor and Saving.
  • Support native GSheets Integration.

Smartwriter Cons 

  • Need more Integration.
  • Lack of support for a chrome extension.
  • Complicated credit-based pricing.

What Users Are Saying about Smartwriter?

There are 4,100+ businesses using Smartwriter and it got 4.5+ ratings in both Trustpilot and G2 rating platforms. Most of them are praising Smartwriter’s personalized outreach, Instagram replies, Quora answers, and Facebook ad content.

Some of them mentioned that their CTR rate rose 50% as a result of personalized messages crafted by Smartwriter.



How Much Does Smartwriter Cost?

Smartwriter comes with three plans: Basic, Popular, and Pro.

Basic: $59/month, 400 Personalisation Icebreakers.

Popular: $149/month, 1,200 Personalisation Icebreakers.

Pro: $359/month, 3,500 Personalisation Icebreakers.



How Smartwriter Works

Smartwriter underhood relies on OPEN AI’s GPT-3 for creating content for you. Smartwriter follows three steps to create compelling sales/cold email 

Step 1: Enter the URL of the prospect or simply share the CSV or Integrate your Gsheet.

Step 2: Now click on the Generate Button. Smartwriter would fetch the detail from the URL and understand the context and create your personalized sales/cold email.

Step 3: You can copy the generated content or regenerate it again.

Example 1: Personalized Linkedin Outreach

Select the template “Personalized Linkedin Outreach” and we share the URL of the LinkedIn profile. Smartwriter will fetch their LinkedIn profile and understand them by reading their bio, LinkedIn activity and from that smartwriter generate a personalized email based on that. 

In the below image smartwriter generated a personalized email just based on a LinkedIn URL

Example 2: Backlink Personalization

Enter the Blog URL of the website for which you are planning to generate a Backlink request email. In the below image we have selected the Backlink Personalization template and we have shared the blog URL.


Smartwriter has generated a personalized email based on the link that you have shared. You can check out the below image for the output.



Smartwriter Alternatives

At the moment Smartwriter pretty much covers everything from writing cold emails to writing descriptions. However, if you are still not satisfied with Smartwriter, here are few alternatives:

Lyne: If you are looking to automate the intro line crafting process for your cold email campaigns, you can opt for Lyne. The GPT-3 powered Lyne helps to complete a week’s work in under an hour.

Warmer: If you want to create unique personalized emails in a matter of seconds, you can go with Warmer. Give your prospect’s Linkedin Page, your cold email is ready!

Magic Sales Bot: Magic Sales Bot is also similar to Warmer. It can generate cold emails from the prospect’s Linkedin Page.

While Smartwriter serves multi-purpose, these alternatives serve only a single purpose.



Smartwriter is the clear winner among all AI cold email software at the moment. Smartwriter covers most use cases for cold email software.

Want to send personalized emails that get you 8x replies? Smartwriter covers that.

Want to analyze your prospect’s entire Linkedin Profile and activity to create a unique and non-templated personalized message? Smartwriter does that.

Smartwriter not only covers your sales rep’s needs and it also covers almost all needs for your marketing teams from generating ad copies (Facebook and Google) to highly converting landing page copy to generating long-form content for the blogs. Still, the AI cold emailing software is in a nascent stage and we will keep on updating this page.




What is AI cold/sales email software?

A cold email is an email that you sent to a potential prospect that is unknown to you. Most cold emails may end up in spam. What if you can personalize cold mail based on prospect personal detail? But at scale, it is impossible to do so and it consumes a lot of time. AI cold/sales email software could be able to send personalized cold mail at scale with a 15x more open and reply rate. You can check out Smartwriter.

Is there a way to automate LinkedIn outreach?

Yes, Smartwriter automates your Linkedin outreach process. It creates personalized messages based on the prospect’s LinkedIn Bio, current job profile, skills, recent comments, and posts.

How does AI Sales Email Softwares work?

In underhood, all AI sales email software work based on a proprietary machine-learning algorithm or by Open GPT-3.

Which are the best AI sales/ cold email software?

Smartwriter is the best AI sales email software as of now. It is unique among its competitors. It analyzes the prospect’s entire LinkedIn profile and activity to create unique cold emails.

What is the best LinkedIn outreach software?

Smartwriter is the best LinkedIn outreach software. Because it creates personalized messages based on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, current job profile, skills, comment, or post on LinkedIn.

What are the best alternatives for Smartwriter?

Lyne, Warmer, and Magic Sales Bot are a few of Smartwriter’s alternatives. However, These alternatives serve a single purpose that is generating cold emails, whereas Smartwriter serves multiple purposes—from creating cold emails to product descriptions.

Does Smartwriter have any affiliate programs?

Yes, Smartwriter has an affiliate program that enables its partners to earn 30% recurring monthly commission for life.

How to ask for backlinks in outreach emails?

Acquiring a backlink is the backbone for your website to rank on Google. One of the easiest ways to acquire backlinks for your website is through outreach to a top website to write guest blog posts for them. With Smartwriter, you can acquire backlinks for your website through personalized AI Outreach.

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