7 Best Cold Email Warm-up Software

Can you go to foreign countries (except certain countries) without having a proper passport and Visa? Obviously, you can’t but if you do so you will get into trouble isn’t it? Likewise, your email needs to have trustworthiness/ credibility as a badge to achieve a successful cold email campaign. And it is not the easiest … Read more

Smartwriter Review: The Best Sales/ Cold Email Software

Smartwriter is AI personalized cold email software based on OPEN AI’s GPT-3 technology. Smartwriter not only helps you to write personalized emails but you can also generate Google and Facebook ad copy for your marketing needs. Smartwriter is used by more than 4,100+ businesses and received great responses across all review platforms including Trustpilot and … Read more

4 Best AI Cold/Sales Email Softwares

Looking for the AI Sales email software? You’ve come to the right place. With the advent of GPT-3, a new era of software products is emerging day by day that solves problems around content writing, copywriting, and even creating websites. We know that sending personalized email/ messages at scale would take research and is time-consuming. … Read more

5 Best Video Testimonial Software [Use-Case]

Building trust and credibility are important for any business. Humans naturally trust each other more than mere marketing material, hence adding testimonials will play a huge role in their decision-making process. Testimonials allow real customers to speak for your product. The main aim of any business is to convert a potential customer into a paying … Read more