4 Best AI Cold/Sales Email Softwares

Best AI Cold Email Software

Looking for the AI Sales email software? You’ve come to the right place.

With the advent of GPT-3, a new era of software products is emerging day by day that solves problems around content writing, copywriting, and even creating websites.

We know that sending personalized email/ messages at scale would take research and is time-consuming.

You can automate your entire sales email outreach process using AI sales email software. Can you believe that?

This article will help you find the best AI sales emails software that is worth subscribing to.

Overview of Best AI Cold/Sales Email Software

Softwares Our Review Free Plan Pricing
Smartwriter 4.9/5 A free plan is available with limited credits Starts at $59
Lyne 4.2/5 A free plan is available with limited credits Starts at $6
Warmer 4.1/5 A free plan is available with limited credits Starts at $97
Magic Sales Bot 4.0/5 A free plan is available – 10 reports  Starts at $49

Why do you need AI Sales Email Software?

  • Automate hours of research: With using AI sales email software you don’t need to spend time researching the prospect. Just by entering their Linkedin profile, AI sales email software would take care of all your needs.
  • Sending hyper-personalized emails: Sending a personalized email is crucial in the world of abundant information and that is how you are able to get the attention of your customer. With AI sales email software, you are able to write a personalized email at scale.
  • Improve email reply rate: Hyper personalized messages usually receive attention from the customer. AI email software is trained on proven conversion sales emails so that email sent by AI would convince your prospects to take action.

Best AI Cold Email Softwares


AI Content Creation

Want to automate your entire outreach process faster? Check out Smartwriter

Smartwriter is AI personalized cold email software based on OPEN AI’s GPT-3 technology. Smartwriter not only helps you to write personalized emails but you can also generate Google and Facebook ad copy for your marketing needs. Smartwriter is used by more than 4,100+ businesses and received great responses across all review platforms including Trustpilot and G2.

Smartwriter Features

Personalized Cold Email Outreach 

Smartwriter helps you to create

    • Company-based Personalisation: AI analyses the prospect’s website to find case studies, blogs, Google News, the Linkedin profiles of leaders and creates a unique outreach message.
    • Access Emails From Linkedin Leads: AI would help you to find leads for you in one button click.
    • Create Punchy Subject Lines and Product Pitches: Generate a complete cold email from personalized introduction using prospect online data to your product pitches. 

Automated SEO Backlink Outreach

  • Smartwriter reads a blog and understands the context, and creates a hyper-personalized backlink request email to scale your link acquisition.
  • Smartwriter reads entire blogs in seconds and understands the context and creates a unique outreach message referencing key points from the blog to build trust with the author.
  • Using Smartwriter you can build backlinks at a rapid rate using personalized AI outreach. 

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach 

  • Smartwriter creates a personalized message based on your prospect’s recent comment or post on Linkedin.
  • Smartwriter sends personalized messages using their Linkedin Bio, current job profile, skills and builds an emotional connection with them without you doing any research. 

AI Social Media Content Generator 

Smartwriter creates engaging, context-based Instagram comments and Quora answers that will elevate our brand image.

AI Content Generator

Smartwriter uses a powerful marketing framework to create convertible copy that can be used for landing pages, to write entire e-books, or to create eCommerce product copy.

Smartwriter Pros

  • Sending hyper-personalization messages at scale without needing to spend time researching the prospect.
  • Support additional features including eCommerce product descriptions, Optimize of your landing page for sales.
  • You can generate personalized messages in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
  • Find verified emails of any decision-makers.
  • In-App Editor and Saving.
  • Support native GSheets Integration.

Smartwriter Cons 

  • Lack of Integration.
  • Lack of support for a chrome extension.
  • Complicated credit-based pricing.

Smartwriter Pricing 

Smartwriter comes with three plans: Basic, Popular, and Pro.

AI Content Generation

Basic: $59/month, 400 Personalisation Icebreakers.

Popular: $149/month, 1,200 Personalisation Icebreakers.

Pro: $359/month, 3,500 Personalisation Icebreakers.

Best AI Content Generator


Best AI Cold Email Software

Want to speed up your personalized 1st line sales email creation? Go for Lyne.

Lyne automates the introduction line crafting process for cold email campaigns. This AI-powered cold email software helps to complete a week’s work in under an hour.

Lyne Features

Tone Customization

Lyne allows users to select the tone of the cold email. Users can choose variations in the phrasing, risk level, personalization, and diction.

Intuitive UI

Anyone can easily use Lyne to create and automate their cold email campaigns within 2 to 3 steps.

Lyne Pros

  • Transparent and Pay As You Go pricing options cater to the needs of different users.
  • Free plan available with no credit card details.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Organized UI leads to great workflow.
  • Users can generate personalized messages in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
  • Very cheap price, $0.15 per intro line.
  • Lyne is 9000% faster. It can create 2,500+ intros per hour.

Lyne Cons 

  • Limitation in each call, which means in a single call Lyne can process 100 prospects.
  • Need to give more prospect details such as name, job title, company name, website, and personal Linkedin Profile for the optimal output. It would be great if it automatically researches the prospects like Smartwriter.
  • Integrations are yet to come.

Lyne Pricing

Lyne offers two plans: Pay as you go and Custom.

Best AI Cold Email Software

Pay as you go: $6 per 20 credits, includes all integrations. It costs a single credit to create a single intro line.

Custom: $25/ mo or $250/ year. It includes all integrations and 100 lynes/ month (custom).

Best AI Cold Email Software


Best AI Cold Email Software

Want to create unique personalized emails in a matter of seconds? Checkout Warmer.

Warmer allows users to create personalized emails in 3 simple steps. The AI-powered Warmer creates unique personalized emails from prospects’ Linkedin Page.

Warmer Features

2 in 1

Using Warmer AI cold email software, you can create a just first-line personalization alone as well as a whole email.

Warmer Pros

  • Warmer has inbuilt readability, personal, and engaging scores.
  • Users can generate personalized messages in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
  • Simple and easy-to-use UI.

Warmer Cons

  • Limited tones are only available.
  • Free plan available with no credit card details.

Warmer Pricing

Warmer offers three plans: Agency, Basic, and Plus.

Best AI Cold Email Software

Agency: $795/ mo. It includes 5,000 credits each month and 5 lines per lead.

Basic: $97/ mo. It includes 325 credits each month and 5 lines per lead.

Plus: $279/ mo. It includes 1,500 credits each month and 5 lines per lead.

Best AI Cold Email Software

Magic Sales Bot

Best AI Cold Email Software

Want to grab your prospects’ attention with our conversation starters? Check out Magic Sales Bot.

Magic Sales Bot uses OPENAI’s GPT-3 and is trained effectively using sales emails. More than 2,000 sales reps from Slack, Twilio, and Outreach trust Magic Sales Bot. 

Magic Sales Bot Feature 

Generating Personalized Email

With Magic Sales Bot, you can generate hyper-personalized email based on the Linkedin profile (activity, post, and bio) or by just entering the company’s website. This saves a lot of time on researching and understanding the prospect.

Magic Sales Bot Pros

  • The user does not have to spend a lot of time researching the prospect and saves a lot of time.
  • Free plan with no credit card needed option.

Magic Sales Bot Cons

  • Lack of Integration.
  • Lack of Chrome extension. 
  • No more support for uploading CSV files.

Magic Sales Bot Pricing

Magic Sales Bot offers four pricing models such as Starter, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual 

Best AI Cold Email Software

Starter: $0,10 free reports.

Monthly: $49/month, unlimited AI-written article.

Quarterly: $129/quarter, Unlimited AI-written article.

Annual: $469/year, Unlimited AI-written article for the year.

Best AI Cold Email Software



Smartwriter is the clear winner among all AI cold email software at the moment. Smartwriter covers most use cases for cold email software.

Want to send personalized emails that get you 8x replies? Smartwriter covers that.

Want to analyze your prospect’s entire Linkedin Profile and Activity to create a unique and non-templated personalized message? Smartwriter does that.

Smartwriter not only covers your sales rep’s needs and it also covers almost all needs for your marketing teams from generating ad copies (Facebook and Google) to highly converting landing page copy to generating long-form content for the blogs. Still, the AI cold emailing software is in a nascent stage and we will keep on updating this page.

Best AI Content Generator

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