8 Best AI CopyWriting Tools in 2022

Best AI Copy Writing Tools

Creating content for advertising or any form of marketing is not an easy task. A copy content needs to be strong enough to create Brand Image, sharp enough to convey Value, intrigue enough to generate leads, and improve Conversion Rate (CR); along with this, writer’s block and Turn Around Time (TAT) would be a nightmare for copywriters in an agile environment.

Many copywriters would have thought of automation at some point in their work-life to focus on important tasks other than mundane tasks such as welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions. Well, it’s possible nowadays.

Thanks to the AI-powered best copywriting tools. Come for a closer look, let’s find out how it can transform your marketing strategy.

What is AI Copywriting

AI Copywriting is computer-generated copywriting that is created utilizing natural language processing models such as Open AI’s GPT-3. GPT-3 is trained on a huge set of pages from the web, Wikipedia data, and a large number of books and it consists of over 175 billion parameters, and that is why it is creating human readable content.

How AI Copywriter Works

Go to the particular AI copywriter’s site.

Step 1: Choose templates such as landing pages, ads, etc

Step 2:Write a short description of your brand or product.

Step 3: Hit the Generate button to get a dozen high-converting copy variants. 

Step 4: Edit, share, and launch your generated copy.

Why do you need AI Copywriting Software? 

  • AI copywriters are capable of generating a copy in a matter of seconds. Whether you are an organization or freelance writer, AI copywriters will save hours of writing time.
  • Overcome writer’s block.
  • Write 10x faster than ever before.
  • Gives you a variety of marketing copy that you don’t even think of.
  • Increases rate of call-to-action (CTA) dramatically.
Did You Know?

  • JPMorgan Chase used Persado’s AI copywriting tool to make marketing messages more effective.
  • As a result, the AI copywriter tool beat the human-made copy’s outcome. It generated 47 weekly applications whereas human copy generated 25.

Difference between AI Copywriting and AI Content writing

Copywriting is a form of writing to make things sell better. Social media ads, PPC landing pages, sales copy, and sales email are examples of copywriting.

Content writing is a form of writing to educate or entertain people. Although it can drive sales, that’s not its primary purpose.

In other words, copywriting generates leads, whereas content writing generates traffic.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the best AI Copy Writer that can create marketing campaigns and sales copy for you. In case you are looking for specialized AI tools to help with your long-form SEO-friendly content, it would be best to read Best AI Copywriting tools article.

Overview of Best AI Copywriting Tools

Software Our Review  Ideal For Free Plan Pricing 
Jarvis (Conversion.ai) 5/5 Copy-writing  and Content production at scale  7 Days money-back guarantee Starts at $29/month
Writesonic 5/5 Better marketing copy 10 Credits Start at  $25/month
Copy.ai 4.9/5 Overcoming writer’s block 7 days of free access Start at $35/month
Copysmith 4.8/5 Better workflow 3 days free trial Starts at $19/month
Snazzy AI 4.7/5 Highly converting marketing copy Free Forever Starts at $25/month
Anyword 4.6/5 Effective marketing copy 7 days free trial Starts at $19/month
ClosersCopy 4.6/5 Effective for sales copy  No Free Plan Starts at $29/month
Outranking 4.2/5 SEO generated content 30 days Free trial. Starts at $39/month


Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to scale your copy-writing and content production in your organization then Jarvis would be the optimal solution. 

Jarvis is the leader in AI Copywriting and content generation software used by 40000+ copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies. The YCombinator backed startup was previously known as conversion.ai and is now renamed Jarvis.ai. It is named after a famous Marvel comic character. They even acquired similar ai copywriting tools Headlime and Shorty.ai that will definitely improve Jarvis.ai performance in the long term.

In Boss Mode, you can command Jarvis to write long-form content such as “Write a paragraph about bitcoin” within a matter of seconds Jarvis writes high-quality content. Sometimes it won’t produce you exact copy that you are looking for but you can regenerate and improve the content based on your needs. With Javirs Boss Mode you can write high-quality content that is 100% original and SEO optimized.

I’ve personally used Jarvis daily to generate high-quality content and to send personalized emails to our clients. You can check out our detailed Jarvis review


  • Uses AI to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions.
  • Instantly generate high-quality copy for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more.
  • You can translate your content to more than 25 languages. 
  • Supports more than 50+ Copywriting Skills including Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) and Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS).
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.
  • Jarvis AI is trained by copywriters and experts.
  • 99.99% original content and it passes the plagiarism test.


Jarvis comes with two pricing models one is Starter and Boss Mode.

Jarvis Pricing

   Starter: $29/month, Good for short copy like ad headlines and description with 50+ Copywriting skills

   Boss Mode: $119/month, Good for long-term content such as blog posts, books, scripts with 5x faster. Jarvis


Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Need a better marketing copy? Check out Writesonic

A Writesonic AI copywriter was developed in response to the need to create landing pages that were optimized for conversion. Available in 24 languages, it can help you generate everything including landing pages, blogs, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more.

Thousands of marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs choose Writesonic to automate and streamline their content marketing. You can check out our detailed Writesonic review


  • Uses AI to write copies that resonate with your audience.
  • Uses AIDA and PAS copywriting formula to generate copies for websites, digital ads, articles/blog, eCommerce, press releases, YouTube videos, and more.
  • 20+ Copy types are available.
  • Provides plagiarism-free content.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.
  • With the Writesonic product descriptions generator, you can generate high-quality product descriptions for more clicks, conversions, and sales.


Writesonic comes with five pricing models. Starts with the free trial, Basic that is good for new marketers, Professional good for freelancer, Startup for startup and small business and finally Agency that is best suitable for businesses and agencies who need copywriting at scale.

Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Free trial: $0/ month, Best suitable for new users, 10 credits to explore the product features. 

Basic: $15 /month, Ideal for personal use, 75 Credit limit. 

Professional: $45 /month, Ideal for Freelancer. Unlimited credits. 

Startup: $95/  month, Ideal for Startups and small businesses, Unlimited Credits, 2 user seats.

Agency: $195/month, Ideal for businesses and agencies who need copywriting on a large scale, Unlimited credits, 4 user seats. 



Want to end writer’s block and want to generate marketing copy in seconds? then Copy.ai would be an ideal solution for you.

Initially started as Tagline.ai, it helped users create slogans and taglines for their business. When the customer started asking for the long-form copy, they realized its potential and started copy.ai. They even raised $2.9 Million from craft ventures to improve the product much faster and democratize access to powerful AI to empower people to start their own businesses. More than 250000+ marketers have been using Copy.ai for their regular marketing copy needs. Check out our detailed Copy.ai review


  • With Copy.ai you can create Digital Ad Copy, Social Media Content, Website Copy, eCommerce Copy, Blog Content, and Sales Copy.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.
  • Currently supports 25 languages.
  • A chrome extension is available for Copy.ai.


Copy.ai comes with three pricing models. Starts with a free trial and it is suitable for testing the product. Solo and it perfect for small businesses and freelancers. If you are an agency or large organization then choosing Multiple seats that comes with custom pricing would be the best plan.

Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Free Trial: Perfect for testing, 7 days of free access

Solo: $35/Month, Perfect for small businesses, Translate into 25+ languages.

Multiple Seats: Custom Billed Yearly, Unlimited runs 



Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to scale your marketing content infinite times over? Go for Copysmith.

Copysmith is powered by AI and trained on a high-performing copy and will help you to create content at a massive scale. Copysmith is used by Marketing Agencies, In-house marketing teams, Freelancers, and E-commerce owners. They have raised 10 million dollars to further continuously build out more features to make the workflow more accessible. 


  • With Copysmith you can create amazon product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, Article Writing Assistant, Blog Outline, Blog Post, and many more cases for your business needs.
  • One Platform to manage all your copy from organizing, editing, mocking up a copy in its final form, importing and exporting CSVs, and Sharing and collaborating with teammates. 
  • Supports Chrome extension.
  • A Shopify app so that you can develop a high-quality product description.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.


Copysmith comes with four pricing models, Starts for individuals who are looking to get started, Professional for power users taking their copy to the next level, Teams for small teams, and collaboration across projects, and Enterprise for business looking for unlimited creation and control.

Copysmith pricing

Starter: $19/month, 50 credits/month,20 Plagiarism checks

Professional: $59/month, Unlimited Credit, 100 Plagiarism checks

Teams:$118/month, Supports Teams & Collaboration, Unlimited Credits, 500 Plagiarism checks per month.

Enterprise: Custom, Unlimited Credit, Unlimited Plagiarism checks, Unlimited Long-Form Blog Generations, Supports for Team collaboration with workflow, bulk important import and export.  


Snazzy AI 

Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to create marketing content at scale? Snazzy AI might be for you.

Snazzy AI built on the top of the world’s most powerful AI Algorithm GPT-3. You can create content in minutes using Snazzy. Snazzy Ai was acquired by the world’s best landing page builder Unbounce. By integrating Snazzy AI into Unbounce will soon be able to generate the highest converting copy for you in a fraction of time. Snazzy is currently named Unbounce Smart Copy. 


  • Support chrome extension so that you can copywriting to any webpage.
  • Generate high-quality content for more than 90 use cases.
  • Supports Chrome extension.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.


Snazzy comes with two pricing models, Starter suitable for someone who is testing their products, and the other with Growth suitable for freelancer and business owners.

Snazzy AI Pricing

Starter: $0/year, Limited to 5 generations per day

Growth: $49/month, Unlimited Content, Profile Switching 

Snazzy Ai


Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Do you want to generate effective marketing copy? Anyword can help you.

Anyword is the first AI copywriter that offers a predictive performance score to make smarter choices. With its preset keyword library and Predictive Performance Score forecast, it helps to create high conversion and optimize copy. Anyword is used and trusted by companies like RedBull, CondeNast, and NBC. 


  • With Anyword agencies, b2c marketing teams, and social media teams can create ad copy for multiple channels, landing pages, blog posts, email, and more.
  • Marketers witnessed a 30% increase in conversion rates.
  • Generate High performing copy for every Channel and Format.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.
  • With Custom mode, You can train your AI Copywriting tool to write copy in your brand voice, similar to your competitors or similar to your top-performing live ads.
  • With Continous Optimization, you can optimize on-site copy to display the right message to the right audience at the right time.


Anyword comes with three pricing models; Starter for the new marketer who is getting started. Business is for the small and medium business and Enterprise is for Large organization.

Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Starter: $19/ month, AI text generation, 15,0000 words/month, 1 seat. 

Pro Beta: Get a Demo, unlimited seats, multiple seats, Anyword learns your tone and style from your existing ads. 

Enterprise: Get a Demo, Customized language models. API-integration, Dedicated customer success manager, Predictive Performance score based on your data and trained on 2 billion data points



Best AI Copy Writing tool

Want to write great advertising and sales copy? Choose Closercopy 

Closercopy is AI Copywriting software that specializes in sales messages trained on real-world examples. Closercopy is especially for digital marketers and salespeople and its trusted and loved by thousands of companies. 


  • Write long-form sales pages, blogs, and articles 
  • Use 200+ plug  & play marketing framework
  • Fill our a text box and let AI write your ads, outline, social media posts, and a lot more 
  • Write a full sales letter in minutes. Hand-curated templates enhanced with insights and experts advice
  • Supports team collaboration 
  • Support more than 127 languages.
  • Sales-AI writes sales pages, ads, and email campaigns.
  • Blog-AI writes top-ranking blog articles.
  • Story-AI writes compelling stories.


Closer copy pricing

Starter: $29.99/month, AI Copywriting 75 runs, 45000 words per month.

Professional: $49.99/month, AI Copywriting 200 runs per month, 120000 words per month. 

Unlimited: $79.00/month, unlimited chars/month, Team(3 seats)

Best AI Copywriting tool


Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to generate SEO-optimized content? Check out Outranking.

Outranking is an advanced AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content in a fraction of the time. If you are looking for an AI Content Creation tool that optimizes content for higher ranking and SEO, this is the right tool for you. Outranking is the platform for Content Writers and SEO Managers. 


  • AI Wizard to generate Title and Outline in under 15 Minutes.
  • Collects and writes facts from ranking pages.
  • Writing workflow and automation.
  • Google docs and WordPress integrations.
  • Predict Content Success with instant SEO Scoring.
  • Empower yourself to write SEO Content with Step by Step SEO optimization. 
  • An AI Assistant with SERP (Search engine ranking pages) analysis to help copywriters create content outlines, paragraphs, answer questions, auto-build paragraphs and create killer content that Google loves.


Outranking comes with three pricing: Starter, Growth, and Professional.

Outranking pricing

Starters:$39/month  10 SEO Document/ Search,.Unlimited AI Writing, 10+ SERP Analysis

Growth:$79/month 30 SEO Document/ Search, Unlimited AI Writing, 30+ SERP Analysis

Professional: $159/month, 100 SEO Documents to create web pages, blogs, product pages, case studies, and much more. 100+ SERP Analysis, Supports Team and Collaboration up to 3 Members.



Whether you are a freelance copywriter, marketer, or any agency, AI copywriting tools can help you achieve your business goals in an agile manner.

Since the above all AI copywriting tools are built on the autoregressive language model GPT-3, we have ranked tools based on the quality of the content it generates, ease of use, and pricing. However, it’s important to check out a free trial or samples written by these tools before you make a purchase.

Which AI copywriting tool should you pick?

We recommend Jarvis since it covers all use cases from Copywriting to Long-form content and it is the front-runner in AI Copywriting tools.Jarvis

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