How to Create a Phantom Wallet: A Step by Step Guide

What is a Phantom Wallet? Phantom is a crypto wallet that is used to store, send, receive, stake, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain. With Phantom Wallet, you can transact and interact with decentralized finance (Defi) apps, exchanges, Non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, and games on the Solana blockchain. The phantom wallet is overall the … Read more

How to Create a Ronin Wallet and Connect it to Axie Infinity

What is a Ronin Wallet? Ronin wallet is the gateway for playing Axie Infinity, a NFT-based online play-to-earn video game and other decentralized applications running on the Ronin blockchain, a sidechain on Ethereum. It is available as a browser extension as well as mobile application. However, it is highly recommended to use via the browser … Read more

How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency in 2022

In the past few months, people have witnessed events such as The rise of Bitcoin—$60,000 mark on October 2021 Unimaginable amount of returns from many meme coins like Shiba Inu (777% in 30 days), Doge, and more These events triggered fear of missing out (FOMO) in many people around the world; few think it will … Read more